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Arms of Tripoli is a five-piece melodic post-rock band from Los Angeles, CA. We're available for shows, private parties, and music licensing.

Members: Allen Porter, George Tseng, Jaime Galvez, K.C. Maloney, Michael Bouvet

Formed: July 2011

Residence: Los Angeles, CA


Based out of Los Angeles, CA and formed in July of 2011, Arms of Tripoli continues to be an ever-evolving and uniquely independent instrumental band. After parting ways with longtime friends Robert Bauwens and Vic Lazar in late 2014, the remaining core, consisting of Mike Bouvet, Jaime Galvez, and George Tseng welcomed the arrival of Allen Porter. Allen had previously worked with Mike on other side projects and came with immensely high recommendations as someone that would not only gel with the rest of the band, but strengthen and fortify its sound. Thus the new lineup was solidified and they all instantly developed a camaraderie. The quartet immediately found natural chemistry and started working on new material that would eventually become "Daughters," the highly anticipated AOT full-length follow up album to 2014’s “Dream in Tongues.”  Upon completion of tracking “Daughters,” the band added longtime friend, collaborative partner and extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, KC Maloney (Adult Karate, Radar Cult), to the lineup, filling out the void in the live set and completing the sonic experience of the band.

Since its humble beginnings, AOT has pioneered the art of instrumental rock, utilizing a non-conventional format to creating innovative and timeless sounding indie music. Not easily pigeonholed, Arms of Tripoli has often been dubbed post-rock and math-rock, due to their progressive tendencies and dynamic and layered sound. Using some standard rock fare such as guitar, bass and drums along with the addition of less-typical rock instrumentation, such as Vibraphone, Rhodes and Omni-Chord, AOT has been able to stand out amongst the sea of post-rock and carve out a niche all its own. At the heart of their sound are well written songs with very catchy melodies, at times melancholy and often cinematic while being free of over indulgence.

Arms of Tripoli has played regularly in the greater Los Angeles area, having garnered opening slots for the likes of Maserati, Felix Martin, Glaciers, Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, and A Minor Forest and earning the respect of the LA indie and post-rock community. Set to release its third official album entitled "Daughters" on Fluttery in 2017, Arms of Tripoli also has goals to take to the road, hoping to extend its reach regionally. The newer direction of AOT's sound reflects a maturity and a willingness to experiment and push their sonic envelope into new and exciting territories.


We have been working hard on our latest upcoming performances, and invite you to join us for this journey. Come, and be entertained. We love to meet our audience, so be sure to introduce yourselves afterward!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 8:00pm
Lot 1

1533 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
with: Transmita, Adult Karate

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 8:00pm
The Mint

6010 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
with: After Nations, Arms That Work, and Evol Walks

Friday, November 4, 2016 - 8:00pm
Silverlake Lounge

2906 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
with: Signal Hill, The Littlest Viking

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"Los Angeles instrumentalists Arms of Tripoli play exuberant, anthemic, frequently cinematic postrock, a swirling, pouncing, enveloping, propulsively percussive mix of guitars, bass, drums and keys. No verse or chorus is ever exactly the same. The music takes on majesty and grandeur as it goes on, with unexpected dynamic shifts that peak out and then hit quieter interludes."

- delarue, New York Music Daily (May 23, 2014)

"This is instrumental music, which builds tension by astonishing interplay. It begs to be played loud. Some of this is bright and bouncy, while other parts are moody, deep and roaring. Clearly, these guys know how to play; clearly, their technical skills are secondary to the moods and styles posed by each song."

- Dana Lawrence, Sea of Tranquility (Apr 12, 2014)

"In giving this album an upbeat, breezy feel Arms of Tripoli have attempted to prick the perceived pomposity of the post rock genre and breathe some new life into what is a treasured expression. Post rock, as a genre, is broadening and Arms of Tripoli are thankfully part of this evolution."

- Thomas Mathie, ThisIsNotAScene (Apr 4, 2014)

“Right out of the gate I have to say that LA’s Arms of Tripoli are a refreshing listen when it comes to instrumental/math rock/post rock bands. But for these guys and girl, giving them labels feels like a bit of a pigeonhole. Dream in Tongues takes some nostalgic detours while remaining light, breezy, effortless, hard hitting, brutal, and math-y when need be—never math-y to the point of pretension.”

- Christopher Tahy, TheFireNote (Apr 2, 2014)

"Dream In Tongues' vibrant atmosphere and incredibly polished instrumentation proves to be undeniably well played and brings to mind the more eventual side of Explosions In The Sky and the more mellow side of Cloudkicker. Rest assured Arms Of Tripoli have crafted a surprisingly exceptional post rock album that excretes variety, uncharacteristically fantastic production for an underground band and the most important aspect of them all: Potential for the future. One can’t escape how unknown Arms Of Tripoli is and one would expect great production to be a work in progress from an up and coming band."

- Nick Mongiardo, Sputnik Music (Mar 10, 2014)

"Dense, vibrant, and diverse is the opening track to Dream in Tongues by Los Angeles’s Arms of Tripoli. These initial impressions resonate throughout the album and eventually become common motifs tying the pieces together. The album as a whole is very sonically and compositionally polished. Lush and vibrant as the album artwork, the music itself has enough drive to keep me awake and alert yet still manages to glisten through my speakers with grace."

- Anthony Brocatto, Musical Mathematics (Feb 24, 2014)

"Dream in Tongues is their first full length album, it includes 9 songs that picture in a marvelous way how this band's music style has evolved since their past release. Even when they will always be dubbed as Post-Rock and Math-Rock I think that their sound has reached a new level that I would like to call Timeless-Indie-Space-Rock. Something that makes their music different from the millions of instrumental bands of this world is that besides the usage of "normal" instruments, guitar, bass and drums, AOT like to experiment with non-typical rock instrumentation, such as Vibraphone, Farfisa, Moog, Omnichord and Rhodes Piano. More important, they don't use too many synthesized elements, I think that's fantastic."

- , Echoes and Dust (Feb 25, 2014)

"Just like how the album gets straight to it, we’ll also tag along without beating around the bush. The one thing I like the most about this new title is the band competency in song writing that are undeniably cheerful with a dash of humbleness, which gives them just the right sort of kick."

- The Siren Sound, The Siren Sound (Feb 28, 2014)

"From Los Angeles - California, Arms of Tripoli release their first full length album titled "Dream in Tounges". The album is completely instrumental and has elements of space rock, experimental rock, progressive rock, post rock and math rock. The band shows excellent musicianship on this album as it feels that they have very good chemistry among them and are very responsive to each other's sounds and playing as they progress and develop through every track on the album. Filling the space and time with layers and loops of guitar effects, the tracks will keep you floating as you listen to the dreamy layers of music that was created and combined all together as a musical puzzle."

- Mugzmag – Music Reviews (Mar 4, 2014)

"The most immediate impressions of Dream in Tongues are that of the familiar musical touchstones throughout it. At its core the music is a combination of post-rock of the tightly-wound, heavily jazz-influenced variety—very reminiscent of vintage Tortoise and The Mercury Program—with breezy shoegaze floating on top. This is the more minimalist, building-block approach to post-rock, favoring little snippets of riffs and progressions that build quickly through shifting colors and counter-melodies over sprawling compositions that unfurl very gradually through mountains of contemplative guitars or strings. Opening track ‘Miniature Habitats’ is a perfect example of this style, based around an additively simple chord progression loop that layers dreamy guitars, vibraphone, and precise, laid-back drumming to produce a densely-packed locomotive machine."

- Nick Cusworth, Heavy Blog is Heavy (Mar 5, 2014)

“Basically, All The Fallen Embers reminds me, again, of why I love music so much – it can challenge, surprise, inspire and move me. I have no genre affiliation – I love Leadbelly as much as Brian Eno, Bob Dylan as much as Millie Jackson and The Carter Family as much as Mikey Dread. I don’t care what it is – if it moves me, it’s a keeper. ‘All The Fallen Embers’ is definitely one to keep .”

“My post rock diet lately has been a mixture of the dark and dirgey and the inspirationally uplifting "I just out smarted the Lannisters on the field of battle" type shit. I'm either cutting sketches of penises into my forearm in my four cornered room staring at candles or I'm allowing my comrades to lift me up triumphantly in the air as we celebrate with mead and whores. So then Arms of Tripoli sent in their EP titled All The Fallen Embers... Now I'm kind of in the middle of both bro bro. Arms of Tripoli, forget them having a tattoo worthy logo, have managed to enter into my music listening habits as the only post rock band on my manpod to abstain from the distortion pedal and still sound balls as balls. There are stretches on the EP where you're daintily skipping along, while haunted by the soundtrack of course, but until the fucking shit hits the fan you're unaware of the tension building around you, and only when shit slows back down are you aware of where you just were...”

- Joel Frieders, Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen (Sep 25, 2012)

“All The Fallen Embers is a quite lovely chunk of instrumental post-rock, and considering there's a fair amount of bog standard post-rock out there it's good to finally happen upon something that at least manages to hold the attention for more than a few moments before some kind hypnotic stupor takes hold. With members from various other bands (Signal Hill, The Half Mantis amongst them) this coming together of a collective consciousness has resulted in a rather charming and surprisingly gentle collection of tunes.”

- Masterdog, Masterdog Sings The Browns (Sep 21, 2012)

"All The Fallen Embers is the eponymous first studio album by the American Arms Of Tripoli. It was released on October 19, 2012 through Fluttery Records. All The Fallen Embers reflect the artist most prominent work to date. There are several moments to indulge on this album several profound moments. From the opening track “Vikings In The Attic” to “Radio Silence” the band creates a beautiful atmosphere, surrounding with an airy sort of entangled beauty. It’s lulling, calm and moderate, as the humble ambiance charmingly comforts, displays a much more subtle side of the band. [ Arms Of Tripoli ] tend to avoid raw, aggressive, and abrasive eruption in sound and even when they are at the highest peak you can still feel the comfortable vibes their sound displays and its fantastically well done. That in mind the band does experience around complex notes and you can never determine what’s to come as they are full of surprise and have mastered various elements. Arms Of Tripoli is definitely a band to look out for."

- The Siren Sound, The Siren Sound (Oct 24, 2012)


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